...a good of Serravalle Langhe There Who by the sweat molds the land, Who fills the silence with the words, Who with the written pages, Who with the sympathy soul feasts, who with his hands whets appetites, Who with altruism rejuvenates the elderly, who fills the rooms with hospitality, who with constancy and commitment, for a year, open the shop every morning Langhe happy birthday to Who and Bottega in its first anniversary G Brex  



Do not eat that doves love, and this creates warm-blooded, and the warm blood generates warm thoughts and warm thoughts generate hot actions, and actions are hot love
They are the easiest things to give me some ideas. A plate in which a farmer eating his soup, I love much of the dishes ridiculously precious ric
Eat until you burst. Live intensely, because little you miss living
An idea, a concept, an idea, an idea as long as it is only an abstraction. If I could eat an idea, I made my revolution
The food is always those who love to cook!
Appetite comes with eating, said Angest of Mans, but the thirst goes drinking
He said that other men live to eat, while he ate to live